Help keep Selma beautiful

Published 11:40 pm Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring is here. That’s usually the time most people get out and begin cleaning.

On Saturday the city of Selma helped residents begin their spring cleanups by furnishing free pickup of any type of garbage pulled to the roadside with the exception of chemicals and appliances.

Selma Mayor George Evans rode with the garbage truck, helped in a few neighborhoods. Other council members were spotted with their constituencies, working to help bring Selma out of the litter doldrums.

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Evans has said he hopes to have a citywide cleanup day at least three times a year.

But Selma residents don’t have to wait on an officially declared day to pick up and clean up around their properties.

It’s incumbent on each resident to ensure the city’s appearance by performing simple tasks, such as sweeping their porches, picking up paper, clearing away limbs and debris.

The walk in the sunshine on a warm spring day is worth the effort.

This is the time of year many visitors stop in Selma to take a look around. We should want to put on our best face.

That means keeping our city clean.

It’s good for all of us.