Arrests from 7 a.m. on March 26 to 7 a.m. on March 27

Published 11:38 pm Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dominc Bethel, 25, 852 Apartment-A Keesler Drive, Selma, Ala., assault in the second degree, bond $500, made bond

Samuel Clark, 18, 109 County Road 261, Burnsville, Ala., domestic violence harassment, bond $500, made bond

Devron Lewis, 27, 2670 County Road 27, Selma, Ala., probation violation, no bond, in jail

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Jimmie Brown, 46, 131-C George Washington Carver Homes, Selma, Ala., weekender, in jail

Albert Fleming, 41, 244 County Road 347, Plantersville, Ala., weekender, in jail

Darrell Gloss, 34, 327 McDonald Avenue, Selma, Ala., weekender, in jail

Zack Holloway, 28, 2815 Arrowhead Drive, Birmingham, Ala., weekender, in jail

Larry Molette, 42, 400 County Road 340, Orrville, Ala., weekender, in jail

Anthony Watts, 2126 Summerfiled Road, Selma, Ala., weekender, in jail

Jeffery Smitherman, 43, 5231 County Road 17, Maplesville, Ala., weekender, in jail

Undra White, 1309 Mabry Street, Selma, Ala., sentenced in circuit court, in jail

Timothy Ledbetter, 52, 30 Sunset Drive, Selma, Ala., weekender, in jail

George Webb, 57, 700 Franklin Street, Selma, Ala, domestic violence harassment, bond $500, in jail

Nettie Church, 48, Apartment-B 1809 Hinson Alley, Selma, Ala., domestic violence assault in the third degree, bond $500, in jail

Mary Strong, 48, 2522 Annie Cooper Avenue, Selma, Ala,. theft of property in the second degree/ P.O hold, no bond, in jail

Joe Hamilton, 28, 911 Shepard Drive, Selma, Ala, domestic violence assault, bond $500, in jail

Markele Johnson, 23, 302 Gaines Avenue, Selma, Ala., bond $500 x3, in jail.