Voters should decide

Published 9:17 pm Friday, March 19, 2010

Allowing the Governor’s Task Force on Illegal Gambling to resume investigations in every county but Macon is a smack in the face to other bingo operations.

But that’s the decision Macon County Circuit Judge Tom Young made when he revisited his order Friday.

Thus ends a two-week lay-by of the task force. Gambling czar John Tyson says he’ll go to Greene County next. Greenetrack is one of the few bingo casinos in operation in the state.

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The judge’s ruling is similar to opening up the wild West to a bunch of gunslingers. Tyson has proven he has a mentality of shooting first and answering questions later. Victoryland and its operations have reopened on a gradual basis since Young’s restraining order on March 5 good news for the employees of the largest casino in the state.

But what about the others? In Lowndes County, White Hall Entertainment Center remains closed. Those workers are idle, wondering when or if they’ll get to return to their jobs.

Now, after Young reworked his order, there’s no predicting what will happen in White Hall. Young’s ruling Friday and Tyson’s arrogance are two very good reasons why the state should allow its registered voters to decide the casino bingo question once and for all.

That constitutional amendment question on November’s ballot would have answered many questions. We can thank our legislators for not allowing our voices to be heard. Now, more time and money after all, the governor supplied Tyson with a state plane to fly Tyson and his wife down to Mobile for the court hearing will ooze out of a state that can’t guarantee schools full funding.

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