Bush Hog decision needed

Published 1:11 am Sunday, March 7, 2010

It’s time for a decision.

The Selma City Council should vote now to close the streets surrounding Bush Hog. Too much is left to chance.

Bush Hog officials had made this request a couple of years ago and the city delayed action. Bush Hog has changed hands, and the issue has come up again. The city is delaying action.

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This is not an easy vote. People in homes they have lived in for years will be inconvenienced. Change is never easy.

A vote for Bush Hog will certainly bring some backlash, especially from those naysayers who encourage negativity at every change suggested in this city. These negative thinkers and talkers will drag down this area using emotional arguments to drive home their agendas.

Well, here are some facts.

Dallas County’s unemployment is 20.1 percent. We can’t afford to lose any more jobs.

Bush Hog is paying out higher liability insurance premiums because vehicles come through the plant site.

With an average working wage of $15 per hour, the average worker makes $600 a week, which buys groceries, pays taxes, buys goods and services. Most of the workers live in Dallas County, many in Selma.

Not cooperating with Bush Hog will send a message to industries here and others looking for a home: Selma does not work with business.

Leadership is hard. The council has to put on its leadership cap and do what is best for the community as a whole: Vote to close down the streets.

If the council chooses, it may opt to continue to search for options. Time is of the essence with this decision.