American melting pot

Published 10:37 pm Friday, February 26, 2010

As the month draws to a close, many churches and schools have held or plan to hold black history programs.

The celebration of what African-Americans have contributed to this melting pot we call the United States should not be limited to just a month. This recognition of accomplishment should continue to be a focus of our learning and understanding.

The history of a people brought here in bondage and freed from slavery only a century later to receive the rights they deserved as citizens should become as much of our story as the great leaders Washington, Lincoln, Adams, Jefferson.

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Yet, we shouldn’t stop there either.

America has for so long touted its reputation as a melting pot. Yet, when it comes time to teach or talk about a history of the American people we forget that many of us are immigrants. The first people native Americans receive short shrift. Then come Africans as slaves and Latinos and Asians.

All have used their hands to build this country, from the knowledge of iron works coming out of Africa to the stucco designs of the West from the Hispanics to the paths constructed by Asians for the Iron Horses.

This is who we are. It is proper to honor our stories.