Marion police chief ousted

Published 11:39 pm Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Marion city council elected to release Police Chief Tony Buford by a vote of 4-0 in a Marion City Council meeting Monday night.

The decision was unanimous by the council members that were present, however there was one missing member of the council, said Marion city Mayor Anthony J. Long and City Clerk Carolyn Thomas.

Council member Jocelyn Tubbs-Turner said there was not just one reason for the vote.

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“We just felt it was time for a change,” Said Turner.

The council selected Sgt. Carlton Hogue from the Perry County Sheriff’s Department to act as interim chief of police for Marion while it searches for a replacement for Buford.

Councilwoman Turner said that the council would hold a meeting tomorrow to brief Interim Chief Hogue on their plans for him going forward, as well as allow the council to familiarize themselves with his staff.

The meeting will also have a time in which the future of Buford will be discussed.

The Selma-Times Journal attempted to contact Buford, but was unable to do so.