New Selma High School plans brought to the communtiy

Published 11:12 pm Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It’s good to see renovations and innovations in the Selma community, and it’s even better to see them in Selma High School, a place that houses the future of the community. Selma City Superintendent Dr. Austin Obasohan has been committed to the strategic plan for 2009-2014 that will bring a new high school, amongst other improvements, to the Selma City Schools.

All parties involved with the planning, and soon building, of the new Selma High School have the best interest of the children in mind. The floor plans even have the best interest of the children in mind. The first level of the building places ninth grade students and most of the special needs students in these classrooms to offer an easy transition into high school for the freshmen and proper access into the facility for some of the special needs students. The whole building will be accessible to special needs students by way of an elevator and other designs of the building.

What may be the lasting legacy of the previous school board is the dedication they showed to gaining $20 million from the federal stimulus budget as part of the Qualified School Construction Bond, funds that have not been offered to schools previously. Obtaining the money was not a guarantee, but board members were able to demonstrate the definite need in the Selma community. For as much criticism as the previous board may have endured, we all owe them a thank you for persisting to acquire $20 million to add the $7 million the school system had saved in its capital funds.

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