Children look forward to snow

Published 1:11 am Friday, February 12, 2010

Selma City, Dallas County, Meadowview Christian and Morgan Academy have closed classes on Friday due to the winter weather.

Central Christian was not reachable for information regarding the potential closing of the school.

All classes will resume on Tuesday, Feb. 16 because classes were already scheduled to dismiss for Presidents’ Day on Monday, Feb. 15.

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Now, with a four-day weekend, students have plans to stay outside and enjoy the snow they hope will accumulate.

“I hope it snows,” said Anna Grace Ingram, Pre-K three student at Meadowview Christian School.

Anna Grace would rather spend her Friday at school, but wants to go out on her four-wheeler and ride through the snow, something she hasn’t had the chance to do.

Brentin Littletin, pre-K four student, can best describe snow as looking like ice cream.

“It looks like ice cream because ice cream is white,” Brentin said.

He finds playing in the snow to be fun. “ I like to run in it,” Brentin said. “It’s like a slippery slide.”

After spending time outside playing with mom, dad and older sister, Pre-K four student Anna Drew Haugen wants to make a snowman.

Last time it snowed she used a carrot for the nose of the snowman, and this year she has plans wake up early and make a snowman more than three feet tall.

Once she goes back into the house, she will play with her toys and sip a warm drink.

“I like to drink hot cocoa with marshmallows in it,” Anna Drew said.

The most excited of the students in Stephanie Piper’s class is Pre-K four student Graycen Braswell. She has lots of plans for Friday.

“I like making snowmans and rolling snowballs,” Graycen said. “One time I put them on my head because I love snow. And, I like eating snow flakes when it drops because it drops on my tongue.”

Piper will rework her lesson plans come Tuesday, when classes resume.

The Valentine’s Day party her classed had planned will be moved to Tuesday.

Her children are all grown up, so Piper plans to stay inside and watch the snow fall, rather than venture outside and play.

“We hope it snows for all these kids with all these big plans they have to do,” Piper said.