VIP helps students ‘see’

Published 1:21 am Sunday, February 7, 2010

Students from Selma High and Selma Middle Schools toured the Hank Williams museum and the Rosa Parks museum on Feb. 4 as part of a trip of V.I.P., a non-profit group for visually impaired people.

“Our organization paid the bill for the bus and meals and the tickets,” said William Bowman, of VIP.

Bowman thought the Hank Williams museum would be interesting to the students because some of them might find hope in his story.

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“We want to teach them how he grew up in a poor environment and a black man taught him much of what he knew,” Bowman said.

This is one of many trips Bowman wants V.I.P. to finance for the students. He would like to raise $5000 to use on four more trips for the students.

The trip on Feb. 4 cost $1450 for 30-35 students, money that was donated by members of the City Council, First Cahaba Bank and Belk.

“Kids learn better by seeing stuff,” Bowman said. “If you take them to where an event occurred or a museum, they can have a better feel of it.”

Bowman also strongly believes in allowing special education students the same opportunities as other students. “Kids with special needs tend to get left out and they need to be included I society,” Bowman said. “I’ve found working with special education kids is rewarding.”

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