Old Dairy Fresh building burns

Published 1:20 am Sunday, February 7, 2010

A fire in the old Dairy Fresh Building on Old Montgomery Highway brought out more than a few onlookers Saturday.

“I live close by and saw the smoke, when we looked out and saw the fire trucks passing by we decided to see what was going on,” said Nicholas Worthy of Selma.

Worthy, along with his friend Logan Campbell drove the short distance to see the Selma Fire Department go to work putting out the flames, while staying at a safe distance.

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Firefighters responded to the call

“We wanted to see exactly what was happening out here,” said Campbell, “The old Dairy Fresh building has been here for years.”

As the firefighters went to work the crowds scattered away, allowing them to work, but traffic was being diverted from Old Montgomery Highway to allow the Fire Department to freely move in and out of the scene.

Fire Battalion Chief Alton Green said that the department did not know exactly how the fire started but they suspect that it originated from paper loads that were left inside of the building from when it closed.

“There is this old packaging from an early time, it is believed to be what caught fire,” said Green.

The Selma Fire Department received the call at 3:26 pm reporting the flames in the old building and responded immediately and began working on getting the flames subdued.

By almost 6 p.m. the flames were all gone except for a few remaining spots that the fire department was continuing to spray.

“It’s still being worked on right now, but we have most all but a few hot spots that are left with the embers of the packaging,” said Green.

The department was continuing to work on the embers to wet down as much of the boxes as possible to prevent the fire from restarting over night.

Green said that the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation.