Southside’s Akeem Moore to make decision soon

Published 12:45 am Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Choosing a college can be a big decision for any prospective student, for those that are lucky enough to play the sport they love while attending the choice becomes even more difficult.

Akeem Moore is just now in that category.

Moore, a 2008 graduate of Southside Selma High School, played his last season at East Central Community College in Decatur, Miss.

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As a freshman defensive tackle there he accumulated 53 tackles, 27 tackles for loss and 9.5 sacks.

Statistics like that tend to get a player noticed by bigger schools. For Moore that was the case.

Today is national signing day for NCAA Division I football.

Moore’s is only one of many stories to occur over the nation on this day.

Moore has received offers from Alabama State, Central Florida University and Florida International.

Out of those schools, he planned to sign with Alabama State but a new offer has him reconsidering.

“Last Wednesday Washington State University sent me an offer to come play with them,” said Moore.

The offer has Moore thinking a little bit harder on what to do with his future.

“They (Washington State) have told me they want to fly me up for a visit.”

Moore talked about how the exposure that comes from going to a Pacific-10 conference has really caused him to rethink the choice he has already made.

“I’m really reopening my options now,” said Moore. “I may wait until after my visit to Washington State to make a decision now.”

The good news for Moore is that he doesn’t have to make the decision alone.

His mother has been a big influence on what Moore plans on doing after he gets done at Wallace.

“My mom will play a big part of what school I play for next year,” Moore said. “I am picking a school for my family so I am really listening to her.”

Moore has also has been getting some advice from another Selma citizen who made it to big-time college football.

“I have been getting a lot of advice from Michel Johnson on what to decide about,” said Moore. “I feel like I have been bugging him with as much as I have been texting, but he has been a big role model for me.”

Moore talked about how Johnson’s work ethic and ability to make it to the NFL from a town the size of Selma pushed him to work hard and do the same thing.

Now Moore is using that work ethic to finish his last 20 hours at Wallace and still make time to work out using the plans that were given to him from his prospective schools.

Moore said he is excited about getting to go to school and do what he loves.

All that is left is the decision.