Selma High sends two seniors to college football

Published 11:37 pm Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On Wednesday many young men from across the nation sat down and gave a pledge of where they would play college football for the next four years.

In the Selma High School Library, Dexter Blackmon Jr. and Darrius Moore joined the rest of their peers on signing day.

“It’s a good feeling” said Moore, who will be an offensive guard at Tuskegee University.

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“It’s just a reward for all of the work, the blood, the sweat that we have put in over the years,” said Blackmon, who will join the Louisiana State University Tigers.

The two talked about how they have dreamed about playing college football since they were both younger and the effort that it took to get there.

The hours of practice and work in the classroom that was put in to qualify was rewarded when they signed their names.

It was a special day for not only them, but their parents as well.

“We are just so proud of him, we feel very blessed and fortunate,” said Moore’s mother Iris.

Dexter Blackmon Sr.’s pride showed as well.

“It’s a day he has been looking forward to for so long,” said Blackmon of his son, “we are just excited and happy that he can go to the school of his choosing.”

Now that they have achieved the goal of a scholarship to go to school, the two have other goals to look forward to.

“I’m majoring in engineering at Tuskegee” said Moore, who will go into Tuskegee with an Associate Degree when he graduates from Selma Early College High School.

Blackmon will go to LSU and work towards being a forensic scientist.

That is not where either wants to end their playing careers in college though.

“I want to play on Sundays on television,” said Moore of his remaining goals.

“I want to be in the NFL playing with this guy (Moore) again,” said Blackmon. “That is what I’m working towards. now.”