Selma gets 54th officer sworn in

Published 3:17 am Saturday, January 30, 2010

The city of Selma now has one more officer to help protect its streets.

Officer Daniel Lorenzo Boone was sworn in to office at 2 p.m Friday.

Officer Boone has already spent time protecting Selma’s city streets when he worked here two years ago.

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After that, Boone joined the Army for two years. Some of that time was spent overseas. Now he’s back.

Municipal Judge Prince Chestnut administered the oath of office to Boone during the 30-minute ceremony.

Selma Police William Riley III said Selma is nearing its goal of 60 officers on the force. Boone makes the 54th officer, Riley said of reaching toward the goal.

Riley introduced Boone to the Selma City Council earlier this week.

“He must be a heck of a lawman with a name like Daniel Boone,” quipped the Rev. Dr. Cecil Williamson.

Boone will begin training next week.

Riley urged him to keep honest.

“All an officer has is his good word,” said Riley. “Once you lose that, it is over.”

Boone was joined during the ceremony by his wife, Angela, and other family members. A representative from the church he attends also attended the ceremony.