Looper cites national security breach as one of many of Obama’s faults

Published 7:34 pm Saturday, January 9, 2010

A message for Barack Hussein Obama

Dear Mr. President:

I saw recently that you had given yourself a B plus grade for your first year’s job performance in office. That would be a fair grade for trying to push our country into becoming a socialist/Marxist state. However, the people you are supposed to be representing, per a recent USA Today/Gallop poll, have given you a disapproval rating of 46 percent. This is the worse performance for any American president—ever—for a first year.

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These people, America’s citizens, are solidly against the high cost, big-government programs you have been jamming down our throats. In your combined arrogance, you and the Congressional Democrats don’t care about what your constituents want, but only what you and your radical liberal cronies think we should have.

In my book you have failed in your capacity as commander in chief in terms of making national security your top priority. The tragic massacre at Fort Hood, perpetrated by a Muslim U.S. Army officer who had been communicating with Al-Qaeda leaders, illustrates my point. There were many suspicious clues that our intelligence people had picked up about Hassan, the mass killer, but your fixation on being politically correct had created a reluctance to step forward by the people who saw the danger signs.

The same can be said about the Christmas day near-disaster on the Amsterdam to Detroit Northwest Airlines flight. Almost 300 people would have been killed had the Terrorist not been so incompetent in detonating the bomb he had brought on board. In my opinion, all of this laxness is a reflection of your flippant attitude about protecting our citizens from the terrorist threats.

In your many speeches, you will not use the word “terrorist”. You referred to the Detroit-Muslim would-be killer as an “isolated extremist”. Instead of treating them as enemy combatants, subject to Military Tribunal justice, you have chosen to allow murderous terrorists to be tried in U.S. criminal courts with all of the protection available for any common criminal. This is absurd, and Gitmo is the perfect place to incarcerate and try these enemy detainees.

On other issues, Mr. President, where is the “transparency” you promised at least eight times during your campaign? I am referring to your promise that C-Span would be invited to televise the health-care “bi-partisan” debates and negotiations. You have been disingenuous re: many of your pre-election pledges. Your current radical left agenda is not what you ran on and is not what the American people want.

Your popularity continues to wane, and several stalwart congressional liberals have announced that they will not run for re-election in November. The majority of voters don’t want your massive bureaucracy, higher taxes, questionable national security and enormous future debt. In short, I can’t think of any of your big-government, dictatorial and socialistic initiatives that are favored by the majority of America’s citizens.

Mr. President, your first year in office has been a big disappointment for many. In your inaugural swearing-in, you swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. You have failed to do so, thus your first year grade, in my judgment, is a solid “F”.


Byrd Looper