Police resources are limited

Published 4:10 pm Friday, January 1, 2010

Early in December at least one supervisor in the Selma Police Department issued a memorandum to his subordinates chastising them for the lack of tickets written to violators of the city’s noise ordinance.

The memorandum ended with a warning of disciplinary action or at least marks against future promotions if the number of tickets for noise ordinance violators did not improve.

This supervisor had to write the memorandum. The police department has felt increasing pressure from the Selma City Council to silence the thumps from woofers across neighborhoods in the city.

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The noise is annoying. Police officers have said they have difficulty nabbing the offenders because once the noisy ones see a patrol car the volume comes down.

Police resources in Selma are limited. The emphasis on enforcing the noise ordinance raises concerns about stretching those limited means to protect the residents of and visitors to our city.

We have a serious drug problem in Selma. Burglary and other crimes of property seem to be rising. Moderation in all things, said a Roman comic dramatist.

This should apply to the emphasis placed by the city council on the police department enforcement of the noise ordinance.