To be or not to be…governor

Published 6:12 pm Tuesday, December 29, 2009

State Agriculture Commissioner Ron Sparks, who would be governor, must think running for political office is much like the old television game “Let’s Make a Deal.” Only, there is no door No. 3 for Sparks to consider.

Just last week after 5th District Rep. Parker Griffith of Huntsville announced his switch from the Democratic to the Republican party, Sparks issued a statement saying he would consider running against Griffith as a Democrat.

Sparks said his advisers had talked to him about dropping the race for governor and running for Congress next year.

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Sparks’ hesitance at the urging of his advisers shoots up a yellow caution flag in this race for governor. Is he really committed to the race, or is Sparks looking for the next shiny thing he can pluck from the political tree?

His history does not provide much hope for stability. He had once announced for lieutenant governor, then governor and commissioner.

It appears Sparks either lets those who whisper in his ear determine his next action or Sparks is not as politically stable as one would like for him to appear.

Here’s the problem. The Democrats need someone rooted in a desire to be governor. There’s a strong list of Republican candidates out there waiting to take on the Democratic nominee.

If Sparks is beginning to wobble this early in the race, what will he do later?

He claims — as late as Tuesday — he wants to be the Democratic nominee for governor.

Can we count on that?