Resolutions for 2010

Published 10:56 pm Monday, December 28, 2009

The beginning of a new year brings with it a feeling of a fresh start. We turn over new calendars; we make resolutions; we talk a lot about the future and set goals.

In that spirit, here are some things The Selma Times-Journal would like to see accomplished in the new year.

First of all, we’d like to see some action on the Riverfront Park. The city has talked a good game. Residents of the area have heard about the money and grants and that the building of the park will be finished in phases. Many people turned out in the heat for the dirt turning last year. But we have yet to see any viable construction occurring.

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The city’s Community Development Department has many projects under way. The number of projects is good. This shows growth and activity in Selma. But the department has not updated the city or the public to let them know what they can expect in the months ahead. This lack of communication could give one the idea the projects are on the back shelf and the department runs from one shiny thing to another. Communication is essential.

Additionally, the funds from the bond issue will be spent on some equipment. We want to see this money spent carefully, wisely and openly. The voters of the city have entrusted their city council with this charge. The equipment should be purchased responsibly and with some plan for replacement on a rotation, so the city is not caught with having to spend long-term funds on short-lived items.

We also look forward to the construction of a new high school this year. The newly elected school board has a plateful to consider. We also call on them to spend the money for school construction wisely and to do so in open public forums.