Giving knows no season

Published 5:31 pm Friday, December 25, 2009

The presents have been opened. Underneath the tree looks a little bare. But the spirit of giving at Christmas can remain throughout the upcoming new year.

There are plenty of good causes that need gifts not only at Christmas, but all through the year.

For instance, the United Way in Selma could always use a donation. The organization helps agencies that help the rest of us — Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and Doc in the Bus, to mention a few.If you want to give directly to these agencies, that’s good, too. If these don’t appeal to you, then think about the American Cancer Society or SABRA Sanctuary or any of a host of local agencies that reach out to those in some special kind of need.

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This is also the time the blood banks need more donations. It doesn’t cost anything to give at one of the local blood drives. All it takes is willingness and a little time to give of yourself. You could save a life.

When you go grocery shopping, think about those who cannot afford food to eat. Pick up extra cans of food and take them to BOSCO or the Food Alliance. Or write a check to the food pantry.Local churches, synagogues and mosques have individuals on lists who need help. Give above what you usually do for those people, or ask the leader of your congregation or parish for instructions on how to help those less fortunate.

There’s no need to let the Christmas spirit wane in the coming months. Someone needs something all year long.