School’s out for Christmas

Published 1:24 pm Saturday, December 19, 2009

It is now officially winter vacation for students and teachers of area schools. With time to relax and recuperate, teachers and students have various activities planned for this holiday break.

“I’m supposed to go to Montgomery and visit my family,” said fifth grade Cedar Park Elementary student Jayda Armstrong. “And, I’m supposed to study for the geography bee.”

The geography bee will be held the first week back to school for Cedar Park students.

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Kenneth Grimes, also a fifth grade student at Cedar Park, plans to study for the geography bee as well, but really wants to make time to visit his cousins in Virginia.

“I haven’t seen them since last summer,” Grimes said. “I want to spend time with my family and play with my toys and with my little brother and my sisters.” Grimes has three brothers and two sisters.

Cedar Park second grade teacher Laurie Manderson is looking forward to resting over vacation.

“I get to sleep late because I love to sleep,” Manderson said. “I’m looking forward to taking it slow and easy and spending time together.” She will also visit all the after-Christmas sales. “I get all my gifts for the next year then,” Manderson said.

Cleaning the house and starting preparations for Christmas dinner are at the top of School of Discovery sixth grade history teacher Joy Hobson’s to-do list. After the holidays, she wants to go to Atlanta to visit the aquarium.

“I’m doing tourist attractions that I haven’t been able to do,” Hobson said.

Vacation time for Kimberely Stewart, School of Discovery music teacher, is also time to pursue interests outside of school.

“I’ll be doing some performances this Christmas season,” Stewart said. She will perform in Camden and in Lowndes County.

“I might go on a vacation, on a cruise,” said Morgan first grade student Conner Soileau. “My mom said we might go to China.” Soileau is most excited about opening his presents on Christmas morning. “It’s surprising to see presents and see what’s there,” Soileau said.

Selma City and Dallas County students will return to school on Jan. 5. Morgan Academy and Meadowview Christian will return on Jan. 4.