Parent wants schools to have system for broken down buses

Published 4:50 pm Friday, December 18, 2009

Dear editor,

This letter is about our schools. My child goes to Martin Middle School and on Mon. Dec 15th I received a phone call from my son that my daughter had not got home yet. At this time she was 15 min late.

I called the school and they said there was no problem with the bus.

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At this time I went to mommy mode. I ran out of work not knowing where my child was.

As we all know there are a lot of child predators around.

At this time still no word of where my child is. I am upset thinking someone has picked my child up. A friend was on the phone as I was trailing the bus route to the best of my ability.

Finally and hour after my child was suppose to be at home the phone call came the bus had got stuck.

Is it just me our is that not the nightmare of every parent. I called the school and they acted like it is no big deal.

Please as a School system should have a protocol on this. A VERY SCARED PARENT

Dusty McLain