Caught up with the times

Published 12:06 am Thursday, December 17, 2009

The rumor hit the streets months ago the United Methodist Children’s Home would soon close its cottages and move children elsewhere.

Just last year, some administrative jobs moved over to Montgomery.

The official word came Wednesday from CEO Steve Hubbard, who made the rounds, giving it the most positive spin he could.

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Facts are the times just caught up with the organization.

Years ago, large group homes were the place for children to reside when they could not live with their families. Some of them stayed in these homes throughout childhood. Living in community with other children and houseparents was the best that could be done at the time.

Now, experts in the field believe children should reside in smaller homes in neighborhoods or in foster care. For the state, which places many of these children, this has become the standard of care.

Selma’s 35-acre site with its cottages has become obsolete.

The board and Hubbard are working hard to find someone to purchase the land and cottages. But there are no concrete buyers yet.

It’s hard to see such a mark on the landscape change.

But change is inevitable and the home just became a victim of its time.