Hardy thanks voters and discusses campaign

Published 7:31 pm Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Editor,

As it relates to Frank Chestnut’s letter, I do not know that I was afforded any more resources than any other candidate. What I do know is that as a virtual unknown and therefore no name recognition I had to work extremely hard and long in acquainting myself with the voters in my district.

I offered myself as one of integrity who would work very hard to help create an environment where children can achieve at their highest level. While I could not offer youth, I could offer wisdom, change and my record of 30 plus years of service on behalf of children in our community. The overarching aspect of my campaigning platform was that I would allow the Lord to guide me in both my interface and the decision making process.

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The voters chose not to elect me and I must respect that but to suggest that the vote differential in East Selma was overwhelming is absurd unless the totals provided me are different from what actually was. The lack of voter participation is scary and should cause concern throughout.

I am proud of the way I ran my camping. God kept me focused throughout the vicious personal attacks and fear mongering that emanated from and through the media; from blacks and whites, alike; from people who do not only do not know me, but do not even live here.

Having said that, I appreciate the opportunity to have participated in politics at that level for so many reasons, but mostly because of what was revealed to me.

I learned so much about so many things including myself. Politics has a way of bring out the best and the worst in us. I saw some of both but through it all God has allowed me to emerge with my dignity intact and victorious in defeat. All of the obstacles, darts, and arrows and notwithstanding sitting on the school board at this time was not God’s will for me. I will understand it better by and by.

I thank the residents of Ward three and eight for allowing an audience to my supporters and me as we traversed the district knocking on doors soliciting votes. I thank those of you who voted for me or supported me otherwise.

My prayer for you is the same as it is for Frank Chestnut Jr., that God will bless and keep you.

Merry Christmas and God bless.


Dr. Margaret Hardy

Selma, Ala.