Detention center receives donation

Published 3:16 am Saturday, December 12, 2009

Three local organizations, Great American Loans, Twelve High Club and Ten Good Men, visited the Dallas County Juvenile Department Detention Center Friday morning to contribute gifts for the detainees and monetary donations for the facility.

“Donations we’re receiving today will benefit the detainees throughout the year,” said Remonia Hardy, program coordinator.

Some of the money will also purchase gifts for the detainees, since they are away from their homes and families for the holidays.

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“We’re helping because it was requested to us,” said Anthony Moore, general manager for Great American Loans. “We figured even though they’re in juvenile and have problems, they’re still kids. They still deserve Christmas.”

Great American Loans donated games for PS2 and Nintendo Wii consoles, radios, CD players and snack foods. Twelve High Club donated $200 and Ten Good Men donated $100. Both of these organizations are local philanthropic groups.

“We want to give them something while they’re here that they would be able to use thought the facility,” Hardy said. After an allotment for holiday gifts, much of the remaining money will purchase additional educational items such as laptops and school supplies.

“There are people in the community supporting the juvenile detention center,” said Kimberly Davis, assistant administrator for the center. “We want people to remember there are kids here, they’re not just thrown away.”

The detention center opened in August 2008. Since the opening, the facility has served 378 detainees, ages 12 to 17, from Dallas, Perry, Wilcox, Pickens and Green counties.

Capacity of the center is 8 females and 12 males. This is one of 12 detention centers in the state of Alabama.

“The commissioner has done a wonderful job of bringing he detention center here and funding the center,” said Marcus Hannah, director of the center. The Dallas County School board has also been involved with the center, donating textbooks and other books for the classrooms at the center.