Building community and keeping promises

Published 3:12 am Saturday, December 12, 2009

Selma Council member Angela Benjamin made a promise while she ran for office last year. She promised to work hard.

She also said in an interview prior to the election she would work for community — to bring everyone together.

Friday night, Ward 4 residents had a meeting. They could have stayed over in Ward 4 and had a good time.

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Instead, Benjamin and others talked a few artists, including the well-known Charlie Lucas, into showing off their works.

Several stores stayed open later than usual to allow the band of folks to come in and out.

The initial gathering brought together the Selma High School choir and the band.

Folks seemed to have the Christmas spirit, laughing, singing and sharing together.



But bringing together Friday night’s Art Walk and Movie with the Mayor took days of planning and organizing.

Something we’ve noticed about Benjamin: She is one organizer. She’s not the kind of person who will plan out something and run to the next shiny event.

No. Benjamin sticks with her organization, makes plans and follows through.

Benjamin is a young woman. She is new to leadership.

And if this is what we have in store for us in the future, then Selma had nothing to worry about.