Riley should take the fruit

Published 9:19 am Friday, December 11, 2009

We cannot help chuckle at the damage control going on in the governor’s mansion these days after the SEC Championship football contest.

Gov. Riley and the governor of Florida made this little friendly wager over the game.

If ‘Bama lost (little chance there) Riley said he’d fork over some Dreamland Barbecue, just as he did last year.

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Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida said he send up some oranges from the Sunshine Trees down state if his Gators lost.

Well, as most of you know the Tide, indeed won.

On Thursday, Crist said he’d make good on his bet and send up the oranges.

But now, Riley has backed down from the wager.

Alabama’s governor has taken so much heat from being a hypocrite over the whole gambling thing, now he’s trying to do a little damage control.

Riley’s folks said the governor never intended to take the oranges in the first place.

Refusing to take Florida oranges is akin to refusing thank your mamma for making breakfast for you. It’s downright impolite.

If the governor didn’t want to carry through with the bet, then this anti-wagering occupant of the mansion should just have come clean and said no to the bet.

All this damage control coming from Montgomery is silly.

Riley, take the oranges. We still think you talk out of both sides of your mouth.