Thank you, Mr. Davis

Published 2:45 am Thursday, December 10, 2009

Criticize Congressman Artur Davis all you wish for his gubernatorial campaign.

But step back and look what he has brought home to the Black Belt.

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed a bill that includes tax incentives for depressed areas of the country, such as the Black Belt region of Alabama.

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These tax incentives come in form of $1,500 credit for businesses, manufacturing and retail, that hire people who live and work in areas determined as Empowerment Zones or Renewal Communities.

Here in Dallas County, the word spread shortly after the measure passed the House.

“That’s fantastic,” said Wayne Vardaman, who leads the county and county’s Economic Development Authority.

The law was set to expire next year. Now this area will likely have another year’s grace, although the bill must make it out of the Senate Finance Committee and be approved by the Senate. The timetable for this action is uncertain.

It is not time to sit back and rejoice too much. Members of the Senate Finance Committee are listed under the Senate on the Internet. Call or write them. Tell them of our need.

While you’re at it, send Davis a note, too.

Thank you, Mr. Davis.