Vote, then get behind those elected

Published 7:39 pm Monday, December 7, 2009

No matter how cynical we become, facts are votes make a difference — even one vote makes a difference. The Selma Times-Journal encourages every registered voter in Selma to make the effort today to get out and vote for the candidate of his or her choice for Selma City School Board.

After the election, it’s important for the entire community to get behind the school board, no matter who is elected.

These five people will set policies and work with Superintendent Dr. Austin Obasohan to ensure a strong and healthy school system.

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Obasohan, as strong as he might appear, cannot accomplish the goals set for this school system as one man.

He has already demonstrated that knowledge by forming an advisory committee and holding several town meetings on various issues.

The key to a strong community is an educated population. That can’t happen in Selma unless all of us become concerned about our schools — all of them.

That’s why it’s important to vote Today.

That’s why it’s important to hold those elected to their campaign promises and to a spirit of cooperation within the community.