Prepare now for the election

Published 8:09 pm Saturday, December 5, 2009

On Tuesday, voters will return to the polls to vote for their representatives on the Selma City School Board.

Many people have said many things to detract from this election. Many false issues have surfaced to take away the focus from the individuals who are offering themselves as candidates in this most important election.

Voters in the city, who are eligible to cast ballots in this election, must measure each offering on the ballot — there are two — very carefully, tossing away rumor and innuendo.

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Voters in this election will see two elections on their ballot.

One election will appear on every ballot in the city. That is the election for the school board president. Anne Fitts and Henry Hicks Sr. are in that run-off. Voters will select one.

Additionally, depending on where voters live, they will have an opportunity to vote for another candidate.

In District 1, either Holland Powell or Roderick West;

District 2, either Kimesha “Sunshine” Alvarado or Brenda Randolph-Obamanu;

District 3, either Frank Chestnut or Margaret Hardy; and

District 4, either Debra Reeves-Howard or Udo Ufomadu.

The Selma Times-Journal is making no new endorsements in this run-off election.

A large voter turnout is needed to ensure this election represents the voice of the people