Riley’s got his bet down

Published 9:25 pm Friday, December 4, 2009

Some things are just sheer black and white, especially since the gauntlet was laid down earlier this year by Gov. Bob Riley’s gambling task force.

Riley has put his foot down more than once, saying no gambling in the state of Alabama. He has sent out letters asking gambling commissions in other states to take action to keep slot machines out of Alabama.

Riley sent raiders over to White Hall, a town here in the Black Belt that gets a lot of its revenue from what the state Supreme Court now calls “illegal” Bingo machines. Those raiders took out a lot of machines and cash and shut down the White Hall Entertainment Center for awhile, putting those employees at risk.

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All the while, the governor has played the bully pulpit against gambling in Alabama.

This preaching and sending out Riley’s Raiders to some entertainment centers in the state has us rolling on the floor laughing today.

See, Riley ought to punish himself now. He has wagered Dreamland barbecue against Florida oranges on the outcome of today’s SEC championship game.

That’s right. The upright Gov. Riley of Alabama has put up barbecue on the outcome of today’s SEC game over in Atlanta. Friday night the line said Florida has to win by more than 5 points for Riley to collect his oranges.

But we suppose the governor wouldn’t understand the line. After all, he’s not a gambling man.