Reader doesn’t like how he was treated at county office

Published 9:09 pm Monday, November 30, 2009

Dear editor,

On Wednesday Nov. 25, 2009, I went down to the Dallas County Courthouse to get a tag for a car that I recently purchase. It was a harrowing experience. I had an exchange with a rather crude attendant — in my anger I failed to get her name though I’ll know her if I see her —about an abnormally high tag fee. She made me feel as though I had no right to ask a question despite the fact it’s my taxes that are paying these fee and her salary.

All this was going on while the license commissioner — Susie Watkins — watched and failed to intervene.

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If you want to get my vote when — or if — you run for reelection, Ms. Watkins, I suggest you teach your employees some manners and basic customer service skills.

If not you most definitely won’t get it,and I’ll see to it that every registered voter I know cast a vote for your opponent perhaps they’ll do a better job.

Terry Lewis