Back to the bid process

Published 9:03 pm Monday, November 30, 2009

Call the recent move to outsource garbage collection in Selma a false start.

In fact, the city owes a great big apology to Lynn Gowan with Advanced Disposal.

The Selma City Council took action Nov. 10 to outsource the collection of garbage to Gowan. After the meeting, Gowan went to City Attorney Jimmy Nunn and asked him to review the contract.

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Nunn told Gowan at that time after the awarding of the contract that the city has a contract with BFI to take all garbage to a transfer station. Gowan had planned to take it to his landfill. Gowan didn’t know he was to pay $44 per ton to dispose of the city’s garbage. He had to raise the price.

Gowan also told Nunn that he and others interested in the contract presented proposals instead of bids. The bids are handled by the city clerk, then presented to the council.

There are other issues as well.

The problem here is the same issue that comes up over and over again in city government. People are not communicating with one another.

Gowan was reasonably upset after the work session Tuesday when he was told he would have to bid for the project. He’s already gone low. Everybody knows his price.

This is a shoddy way for Selma to do business. Somebody needs to give a lesson in communications.