Leftovers are gravy for local woman

Published 1:30 am Sunday, November 29, 2009

Upon returning Sunday morning from hunting deer and wild pigs near Camden, family members of Ann Thomas will enjoy a warm post-Thanksgiving breakfast of hash browns, bacon and pancakes with turkey gravy instead of maple syrup.

“It’s very tasty,” Thomas said.

About 40 years ago, when Thomas lived in Louisiana, one of her friends made gravy in this fashion.

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“I thought it was wonderful and I’ve done it ever since,” Thomas said. “I’d never thought of it on my own. But it’s really simple.”

This year Thomas cooked at 20-pound turkey, which is much larger than previous years.

Because she has leftovers, she wanted to make the gravy for her family.

This will be the first Thanksgiving she will make it for them.

All ten of her family members will enjoy the breakfast Sunday morning.

She has three sons and their wives, but only two families were able to attend the hunting trip, and four grandchildren.

Thomas will also serve traditional pancake toppings such as strawberries for those who do not feel adventurous enough to try the gravy pancakes.

“When there are 10 of us there, everybody eats something different,” Thomas said.

Thomas doesn’t follow a recipe to make the gravy.

“If I had a recipe, I’d be willing to share it,” Thomas said.

What she can share is the rough recipe of how to make the breakfast.

Thomas uses the Sister Schubert pancake recipe for the pancakes. To make the gravy, boil the giblets that accompany the turkey.

Re-heat the leftover Thanksgiving gravy, adding salt, pepper, garlic and onion.

Then thicken it with pre-packaged turkey gravy mix.

Add in bite-sized pieces of turkey to the gravy.

Pour gravy over the pancakes and serve.