A message to President Barack Obama

Published 1:41 am Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dear Mr. President:

This month marks the one-year anniversary of your election to the presidency of the United States, the greatest nation on earth. You have shown that you do not understand the exceptional stature of our country by apologizing for America to foreign leaders and literally bowing down to  monarchs/emperors.

You choose to ignore the billions of dollars the taxpayers have given to foreign countries in continuous aid (forever) and for reconstruction in Europe and Japan after World War II. Instead of attending the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Mr. President, you sent a cryptic message, failing to mention the two leaders that really made it happen, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher. Their actions ended the Soviet Union oppression in Eastern Europe.

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Now, let’s review what’s been happening since my October letter. The most encouraging development has been the recent gubernatorial elections in New Jersey and Virginia. Of course, the Liberals scoff at the notion that the two Republican victories had anything to do with you. That’s pure Bull! Your big government/socialistic policies are the reasons for your loss!!

Your dithering on Afghan commander General McChrystal’s request for more troops is costing American lives every week. While campaigning, Mr. President, you proclaimed that Afghanistan was the real war, not the one in Iraq. You are our commander-in-chief. Send more troops or get the hell out. In my view, your no-win strategy will just get more of our forces killed for no good reason.

Your health care bill is an abomination, all 2,074 pages of it, and a bill that’s so voluminous and convoluted, that few can read and understand it, so say the experts who have scrutinized it. Simply put, the voters are against it, because it means big-government control, higher taxes, lower quality and eventual rationing of medical care for all, especially senior citizens. God help us if Obama-care becomes law.

The Fort Hood massacre, based on the early evidence, indicates that the perpetrator, according to his Islamic religious ties, may be guilty of a terrorist act. Your propensity for our dreadful political correctness policies, no doubt influenced Hassan’s associates and authorities, who had suspicions about the killer’s anti-military attitude that he had verbally expressed on numerous occasions. They hesitated to voice their concerns for fear of reprimands.

Finally, your decision to hold civil trials in New York City for the key 9/11/01 admitted planners and enablers goes beyond the pale. This must be a deal with your ACLU lawyer friends, and your promise that a chosen ACLU few would get a chance to defend the self-admitted killers of 3000 innocent American citizens. Your claim that AG Eric Holder made this decision is a joke.

Your report card grade, Mr. President, after ten plus months in office:  A solid “F”


Byrd Looper