Oprah says sayonara… well maybe

Published 8:39 pm Friday, November 20, 2009

Following a show featuring the incomparable style expert Tim Gunn, Oprah Winfrey announced her show would be ending in 2011.

Viewers have heard it all before, but this time might really happen.

Winfrey is starting off on her own to create OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network. The creation of OWN will mean Oprah’s show will no longer be on regular television. Instead, if she chooses to pursue a television show on OWN, it will be some where in cable.

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This is really a great step for Winfrey, who has been overcoming odds all of her life, but what will happen to the viewers who resemble Oprah in her early years.

Oprah’s show, like it or not, has provided inspiration to many people over her decades on the air. She has brought countless experts on her show to help everyday women and men.

However with the creation of OWN, many people won’t be able to view her programming because they won’t or can’t add the necessary cable or satellite packages.

It’s great to see African-American women from the South being able to start her own network, but hopefully it won’t take away from the millions of people who have learned and grown through the Oprah show.