More thoughts on upcoming school board elections

Published 8:37 pm Friday, November 20, 2009

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank Mr. Langford’s letter to the editor concerning Dr. Ufomadu and Mrs. Howard. His letter was so full of “mess” that I couldn’t help but reply.

First, what are his beliefs? Are they the same as those who support him? Probably so. Does he have control over who supports him? Yes, he does, or is he not courageous enough to say no to whoever is detrimental to our school system. Is Mrs. Howard a “hell raiser” because she found misconduct in our school system and reported it o was she labeled that because those were caught “raised hell”? Is wanting an honest open school system a detriment to our children? Any reasonable person could say she has been honest and open so that she would not be detrimental to the educational process. Because you feel she is not compatible with other organizations because of her “trouble shooting” nature is nothing but your opinion. How could you possible come to a conclusion like that unless you or you associates were caught up in her “trouble shooting.” It is your right and privilege to vote for whomever you choose but to write the letter you wrote starts more unnecessary fighting and bickering of which you accused her. That puts you in the camp of those who have only their personal interests and agendas to control our schools. The problems in your school system are numerous and must be called to the public’s attention so they can be identified and solved. You may call this by another name but people with a strong desire to move forward call this honesty and transparency in the educational system and governmental process. I will cancel your vote on Dec. 8th.

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Racheall Jackson