Fitts proves to be an ideal board member for one reader

Published 8:37 pm Friday, November 20, 2009

Dear Editor,

I agree with Ms. Truth (opinion 11/13/09) that we need to have educators on the school board.

And Anne Fitts is just the one to lead that school board as chairman. She is a hard worker, shown by the fact she has a real doctorate degree and in many organizations. She had taught for years. Anne works well with others, and I mean all races, shown by the fact she has always attended an integrated church and lives in an integrated area.

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As for attending public school functions I can assure Ms Truth that Anne has attended many. Also, she has been on the school board six years and led in many ways. The best thing is she will listen to other opinions and ideas and then make up her mind. Don’t expect her to be “in your face.” She’s quiet spoken and independent.

What more could we want?

Sally Jordan