Seek and ye shall find

Published 6:57 pm Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Recently, some Selma Times-Journal website readers voted on a poll question which asked how often do you go to community events.

It turns out 17 percent go to things frequently, 21 percent attend sometimes, 24 percent rarely show up and 36 percent never see what Selma has to offer.

There are many things that can make Selma great – new businesses, more tourists, new attractions, etc. All of those things, however, take work and most importantly community support.

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Selma, as a city, is losing out by not showing up in droves to things like the Art Walks or festivals.

One of the best and coincidentally cheapest ways to get people into a city or event is word of mouth. How can word of mouth start if the mouths haven’t been to one of the many events in Selma?

Selma isn’t the only thing missing out though. The people who never go out will never know the immense talent in Selma. Our little river town is overflowing with honest-to-God talented artists.

It seems every Art Walk there is an artist debuting and their work is good.

So next time you start to say, “There’s nothing to do in Selma,” look in the calendar portion of the Times-Journal. Just pick out something that sounds interesting and support the city.