Reader grateful for after school program

Published 6:56 pm Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dear Editor,

I write to thank B.B.A.A.C. for project F.A.M.E. My child really loves and enjoys this after school program.

The arts are used to motivate students to learn and to strive for excellence. My child is really progressing at drawing pictures, African dance and playing drums.

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The program has also introduced the children to non-violence awareness. Now their center has a full nonviolence program set up for youth and adults thanks to project F.A.M.E.

I really appreciate the Get Caught Reading Program. My child is actively interest in reading and learning now more than ever before, waiting to get caught reading!

Thank you, Mrs. Hardy, the creators and the teachers of project F.A.M.E.

Orlanda M. Howard