Setting the record straight about school board candidates

Published 8:43 pm Monday, November 16, 2009

Dear Editor:

Lisa Truth should have checked the facts before sending her letter to the Selma Times-Journal for publication.

She has a good point to make, that our schools should be entrusted to educators.

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But then Ms. Truth tells us not to vote for “Dr. Obasuhum” because he’s not an educator and doesn’t have his children in the public schools.

In point of fact, Dr. Austin Obasahan isn’t on the ballot; he’s an outstanding educator who already serves as superintendent of the Selma City Schools. His children attend CHAT Academy and Meadowview Elementary.

Perhaps she is confusing him with Dr. Udo Ufamado, who is a candidate; but the Ufamado children are also products of our public schools.

Her attack on my wife, Dr. Anne Fitts, who has been an educator all her adult life, is equally absurd. It’s true that our children are grown and gone, but when they were growing up Lida, Mary Alston and Ruth attended the Selma public schools, and we were active in the PTO’s at Edgewood, Westside and Selma High.

Nonetheless, Ms. Truth “cannot believe” that Anne Fitts cares about “our” children or has their best interests at heart.

I have to wonder: whose children does she think Anne taught at Concordia for 12 years? Whose children has she been tutoring —as a volunteer— for seven years at the St. Edmund Learning Center? Whose children benefited from the tutoring program she started at Westside as PTO President? Whose children did she tutor at Knox Elementary? Aren’t ALL the children of Selma “our” children?

Why would anyone work as hard as she has on the School Board for six years—without pay! – if she didn’t care about the children of Selma?

If you really care about the truth, you should check your facts before rushing into print with a denunciation of people you don’t even know.


Alston Fitts