Let educators run the city education system

Published 1:00 am Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear editor,

I would like to know why is it necessary for you the Selma Times-Journal to endorse any candidates? How would you feel if those endorsements caused a major chaos in your business? I stand strongly against some of your reasons for endorsing certain candidates in the recent school board elections.

My first focus is on District 1 & 2 your endorsement was for Powell based solely on the fact that he was a business man for 25 years and could handle the school’s financial problems.

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That should not be the sole factor in his ability to help with the education, stablity & assessment of “our” children’s school. These candidates like Powell, Fitts, and Dr. Obasuhum, have no children in “our” school and truly I cannot believe they would have our children best interest at heart. Their children and/or grandchildren does not attend “our” schools. Have any of these candidates attended any event that has been held by “our” schools? When was the last time that any of these candidates stepped up & made a donation to our school. By donation I mean time, money, or mentoring of “our” children.

We need to focus on “our” children and leave this board in the hands of our educators not businessmen like Powell. He need to continue to run his business and leave education to the educators.

We must get out & vote to keep our children best interest in the hands of educators, like Roderick West, Brenda Randolph-Obamanou, Henry Hicks, Debra Reeves-Howard, I know these people care I have witnessed their efforts first hand.

Lisa Truth