Incident reports

Published 1:39 am Thursday, November 12, 2009

House fire reported in the 1600 block of Weaver Street.

Robbery first reported in the 300 block of Highland Avenue.

Forgery/ theft of property reported in the 500 block of Cahaba Road.

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Arrest: John Russell Murray, suspended drivers license (warrant).

Burglary reported on Highway 22.

Theft of property reported in the 300 block of Ember Drive.

Burglary reported in the 300 block of Kingbend Road.

Unlawful breaking and entering vehicle reported in 200 block of Wrenwood Avenue.

Property damage reported in 2500 block of McDaniel Drive.

Assault third/ harassment reported at 2100 Broad St.

Burglary reported in 700 block of Young Street.

Harassing communication reported in 300 block of Gaines Avenue.

Arrest: John Brewer, harassment (warrant).

Arrest: Lamarcus DeAundre Givan, assault (domestic violence) third (warrant).

Arrest: Charlie William, criminal mishceif/ assault third (warrants).

Assault reported in the 2000 block of Matthew Lane.

Accidental injury reported in the 1300 block of East Highland Avenue.

Harassment reported in the 2400 block of Matthew Lane.

Threatening communication reported in the 300300 block of Dallas Avenue.