Moving forward

Published 12:39 am Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No antics and strictly down to business.

That’s what you could say about the Selma City Council that showed up for the meeting Tuesday night.

The council present — Dr. Geraldine Allen, the Rev. Dr. Cecil Williamson, the Rev. B.L. Tucker, Corey Bowie and Susan Keith — appeared to be serious about getting down to work to move the city forward.

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First, the council wiped off the books a tax on liquor that had not been collected.

It further called on its legislative delegates to work in the Alabama Legislature next session to repeal this law and make collection for liquor taxes across the board at the point of purchase, something that’s already done in many Alabama cities.

Further, the council voted to privatize the city’s garbage collection. In doing so, the council has likely saved the city hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of years just in the price of machinery alone.

Those working on the garbage force will find other jobs for which they are qualified in the city, or, if they are qualified, could apply to the new garbage collection agency.

This also takes the onus of collecting those fees off the backs of city workers — fees that have amounted to more than $250,000 a year. Further, the council asked the mayor to find a collection agency to get the late payments it could.

This is the kind of council action most people have been waiting to see. This body should continue to move forward.