Help spread some Christmas cheer

Published 9:26 pm Saturday, November 7, 2009

The execution of D.C. sniper John Allen Muhammad, the Fort Hood shootings, the Florida shootings and even more inhumane stories have crowded the news lately.

One story that is slowly gaining national attention is that of 5 year-old Noah Biorkman.

The blond haired little boy lives in South Lyon, Mich. Like any kid he loves Christmas. In fact, Noah is just like any other kid, but he has one big difference.

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Noah was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma in February 2007. He went into remission in August 2007. In September 2008, Noah relapsed with lesions in his right arm and right leg. After going through six different trials, the cancer continues to spread.

Brave Noah continues to fight the cancer, but his family has decided to celebrate Christmas early.

Daily boxes of cards are pouring in wishing Noah a merry Christmas. The local news station captured Noah opening up one card with an angel ornament stuffed inside.

He said angels are his favorite because “one day I’m going to be an angel.”

It’s easy to lose faith in humanity, but what is more reassuring than a kid at Christmas.

If you want to send Noah a card his address is Noah Biorkman 1141 Fountain View Circle, South Lyon, MI 48178.