Reader lists reasons why he will vote for Ufomadu

Published 6:05 pm Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dear Editor,

People who know Dr. Udo F. Ufomadu understand that he is an asset to any group. While a person may not like or agree with everybody that supports Dr. Ufomadu for the run off election for the Selma City School Board District 4 on December 8, it is pertinent to realize that the election is about Dr. Ufomadu and his beliefs and qualifications for the school board and not about any particular individual that endorsed him. I don’t believe that it is Dr. Ufomadu’s responsibility to choose who supports him.

If you look at both candidates for district 4 critically, a person is left to wonder if there is actually a contest between Dr. Ufomadu and Mrs. Debra Howard. Not to take anything away from Mrs. Howard, but I believe that the Selma City School Board is tired of having unnecessary hell raisers that do things to the detriment of our children. We want to grow and we embrace any one who genuinely wants to help .The across the board endorsement that Ufomadu was getting caught my attention that I began to study him. His fellow board members have respect for him and his strong positions.

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Debra Howard and her trouble shooting attitude is not even suited for the Parents Teachers Organization or any focused educational organization, not to talk about School board. It is time for her to go so that the board and the Superintendent will focus on the business of quality education.

Dr. Ufomadu’s endorsements are not one sided and that is a good signal when friends and foes see something good about a candidate. I must vote for Dr. Ufomadu on December 8 and I encourage all that are tired of unnecessary fights and bickering at the expense of our children’s future to vote for him also.

James Langford

Selma Alabama