Give city employee’s some help

Published 6:54 pm Tuesday, November 3, 2009

On Oct. 27 when Selma citizens passed the bond issue, they in effect gave several agencies and projects money that totaled $12 million dollars.

The funds go to buy equipment, pay for renovations and a host of other much needed items and tasks.

Now that the city has taken care of the material needs it is time they look at taking care of the city employees.

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The City Council is looking at what to do with the city employees’ insurance – should it stay the same or should the employees pay more for their coverage?

Haven’t the employees suffered enough?

Just last fiscal year most were chopped 12.5 percent. The reason was hard economic times.

Now they might be paying more for their health insurance. If the city still needs to save money, then what’s real the difference between a $12 million bond and a $12.5 million bond?

The bond money should be used to help elevate the burden off of the city and it’s employees, but just days after it passes the workers are looking at shouldering more of the load.

City council members, when you vote please remember the faces who help you and every other citizen of Selma.

They deserve a break.