Reader shares about her fortune and offers it to you

Published 9:50 pm Monday, November 2, 2009

Dear Editor,

I am so happy I can’t keep it bottled up any longer. I should have shared it with the Selma Times-Journal readers long ago.

I have won a free home.

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Money couldn’t buy a home like I have won. It comes with all of the utilities paid for forever and ever – no house rent or payments, no drug bill or doctor’s bill. Everything will e free – groceries, etc. My home will be on streets paved with gold.

Come and join me. You can have a free home too. We can walk together on street paved with gold. Also we will live in a mansion.

Come join the Presley’s. Receive Jesus Christ as you Lord and savior. Let Jesus come live in your life like I did many years ago.

For 70 years I have been taught about Jesus Christ. When I was a baby the first third my mother and daddy did was put me on drugs. The best thing they ever did was every time the church doors was opened or a revival was going on I was drug here and there.

Thank to my folks for this.

Put your babies on church drugs. You or them won’t ever be sorry.

If you don’t let Jesus Christ come live in your heart, I am sorry to tell you do have another home to go live in. It is named hell, where Satan has a burning lake of fire like we have never seen or experience before.

No water will ever come.

Trust God’s word, the holy bible, and let Jesus come live in you life. Say with the Presley’s I am going to heaven and live with my Lord and Savior and get all the free stuff my Lord and Savior has brought and paid for.

He did it all for the Presley’s and you too if only you will believe.

Thank you Jesus,

Patsy Presley