Get ready for voting in the runoff

Published 12:40 am Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just because the $12.4 million bond issue passed is no reason for voters not to take interest in the upcoming runoffs in each of the districts and the president’s position for Selma School Board.

Traditionally, voters take little interest in runoff elections, especially if their candidates lost.

But this is the first time Selma will have an elected school board. There are certain factions here that would want to keep the school system separate and unequal.

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The key to a vibrant, healthy economy in a community, such as Selma, is effective education.

About a year ago, the appointed school board made the correct choice in hiring Dr. Austin Obasohan as the superintendent of the Selma School System.

Obasohan has not played politics. In some intances he has rubbed against the grain of traditional politics with the powers-that-be. So much so, at one point, he was asked to resign.

Again, Obasohan took the higher road and told that particular school board member the system would have to buy out his contract.

It didn’t happen.

Obasohan has gone to the people with various proposals, including the construction of a new high school — something sought several years ago that a very vocal minority could not accomplish.

Here’s why: Obasohan and other community leaders like him believe in building concensus across lines of caste and class.

There are some who would want to load up the school board with opposition to positive change.

A majority of voters can’t let this occur.