Working toward goals

Published 3:28 am Friday, October 30, 2009

Before he was elected, Mayor George Evans promised to find ways to cut expenses and make city government more cost-effective.

He inherited a mess. With the passage of the bond issue, city government has seen some daylight.

On Thursday the Selma City Council returned the 12.5 percent pay cut to city workers and themselves.

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But key to this meeting was a proposal worked on by Evans and a committee to cut the wasteful spending of copy machines. Evans and his committee had examined the city’s usage of the machines. They called in Ricoh, a company based in Birmingham, which had a native son on board.

The representatives from Ricoh proposed a way to streamline the number of printers in the city and increase technology.

A study conducted by Ricoh showed the city had 115 printers and 42 different models in the city.

The city pays $2,600 for black and white printing, about $2,500 for color printing and outsources another $700.

Ricoh recommended 82 fewer devices, replacing them with multifunctional machines that will accomplish a variety of tasks.

The proposed contract also includes service and supplies.

The proposal: $3,681.

The cost savings per month: $2,400.

That’s good. That’s fulfilling a promise.