Supported bond propositions

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The proposed $12 million bond issue for the city will appear on today’s ballot. The bond issue ballot is broken down into 13 propositions. Twelve of those propositions cover city departments and their needs. Not item is listed under each department. To print such a list as a ballot would cost thousands of dollars. That’s one of the reasons the city held various town meetings to discuss every portion of the bond issue.

In the first proposition, voters have the opportunity to vote for all the proposed bond issues or against all the bond issues. It is the recommendation of The Selma Times-Journal that voters select items, instead of voting the straight ticket.

The newspaper endorses each proposition with the exception of No. 13 Landfill Facilities.

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The landfill closure and opening were well planned for. The $100,000 was placed into the bond issue as an afterthought. Indeed, two votes of the Selma City Council were needed before this proposition passed. When discussion of closing the landfill and opening a new one began many months ago, the city put away ample money to meet state environmental criteria for closing and opening another.

This $100,000 is not needed for this project in our view. That is the reason we recommend voting against proposition 13 in the bond issue, but casting yes votes for all the other propositions.