More voters coming in afternoon

Published 5:27 pm Tuesday, October 27, 2009

By mid-afternoon, more voters had traveled to polling locations.

“Things are going great,” said Linda Hopkins, a worker at the polling station at the Selma Mall. “We had quite a few voters and we are hoping to have more before the polls close.”

All polling locations are open until 7 p.m.

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“It will probably pick up when school gets out,” said Betty War, a polling worker at the Armory. She also predicts people will stop by after work before polls close.

Although voter turnout at the Courthouse is still lower than other locations, more business people have stopped in to vote over residential people.

“It has still been kind of steady here,” said Chris Singley, a poll worker at Memorial Stadium.

Singley saw larger turnouts when she worked the county polls last year, but she attributes most of the traffic to the presidential election.

In no way does Singley believe the overcast weather has any relation to voting amounts. “The rain has not had anything to do with people getting out to vote.”

Voter Marshall Williams visited Memorial Stadium with his wife to cast his ballot.

“We vote every time they open the doors,” William said.

He guessed on his vote for some of the school board candidates. “I didn’t really know many of the candidates,” Williams said.

The Selma Mall had 99 voters, the courthouse had 82, Memorial Stadium has 170 and the Armory had 218 voters by mid-afternoon.